Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lets roll!

Hey ladies and gents my name is Chris. I play a level 80 Dwarf Paladin named Warbutcher on Echo Isles. Been playing for a little over a year and this is the first toon I ever rolled and I stuck with him through thick and thin. I have no other alts besides a lvl 1 gnome banktoon, but I have tried out all the classes the game has to offer and leveled each to at least 20 and one to the 50's but never found any class that would pull me from my little Pally. So a Paladin is what I am, I live and breathe Paladin.

If I have ever tanked anything for you before you most definatly heard me say the words "Lets Roll." If its your first time in an instance or raid, I will explain the fight strats and say any combo of "We got this, lets roll" or "Its gunna be simple, don't even worry about it, lets roll." Don't know why I do it or even when I started saying it, but I totally love saying it. There is nothing better than to have your leader, the tank, be confident. If the tank knows what he/she is doing the whole instance/raid goes smoothly. But this doesn't happen overnight. I started tanking at around level 35ish, I say ish because at that time I just thought: hey I got a shield and a cool sword, OF COURSE I CAN TANK! Never thinking of a good protection spec or a having a solid tanking rotation. All I knew was throw down a Consecration, a little Holy Shield and switch up the person I am attacking so I keep all the mobs attention. It wasn't until I tanked my favorite vanilla WoW dungeon Zul'Frak that I realized, damn tanking is fun I think I have found the tree I want to spec into. So being the insane Geek that I am, for the next week I did so much research on tanking and the specifics of Paladin tanking that people were already starting to remember my name when it came to looking for tanks and back then it was unheard of for a pally to be an effective tank, warriors were the king of tanks. But yes, to cut a long story short 50% of your tanking skill is how much you know. Its what separates a good tank that just sits there and holds aggro and an awesome tank that knows exactly how to pull every pack of mobs in the instance and where to position them for an efficient, time effective and best of all trouble free run through an instance or raid.

Knowledge is the key to a great tank.

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